Ash Vega



After owning a diesel parts distribution company, an online retail business, and 7 years of conducting personal improvement consulting, in 2010 Ash Vega decided to go brick and mortar and introduce a new concept of service and experience to Bloomington, IN. 

For the seven years Ash worked as a personal improvement consultant and mentor she instilled in her clientele the value of personal fruition and saw that this concept would be of great value to an experience based hair studio who’s motto would be ‘Look Your Best, Feel Your Best, Do your Best.’   To take the concept even further, Ash designed a ‘mecca’ type business model where consumers could receive sincere care as well enjoy strong coffee, drink local beers, see local art and music and relax in a vintage environment.

Incrementally and self-sustainably built over the past 8 years Ash and now her husband Jeremy Stone, continue to evolve the originbal concept of The Foxhole - a true mecca of community comradely and spirit. Look forward to all that comes next!