Let's Keep A Good Thing Going:

Please read our 24 cancellation and late policy to stay in good standing with the team! Our shop relies on every clients word to arrive and make use of their selected appointment time.

Late Appointments:

At The Foxhole, we make every effort to accommodate all clients by working together as a team to help our appointment times run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We understand the life has it’s snags, however after extreme tardiness to your appointment - the service provider may be unable to provide you with a quality service within your scheduled appointment time and be on time for the next guest.

If a client is 15 minutes or more late and an appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled, a $10 service charge for HAIRCUT services may be assessed. If a client is 15 or more minutes late for an appointment that includes COLOR services and it must be cancelled, a service charge of 30% of all services scheduled during the appointment may be assessed.


Double Booking appointments:

We actively encourage clients to utilize our online booking software, Genbook. With the power to schedule one's own appointment online comes certain responsibilities - namely that if you double book more than one appointment at a time, it is now your responsibility to ensure that your original or unwanted appointment is cancelled.

You can cancel online through Genbook, or contact us by phone/leave a voicemail to ensure you're appropriately booked. Double booked/un-cancelled appointments that are not cancelled with more than 24hrs notice will be treated as missed appointments.


Cancellations without 24hrs notice/Missed appointments:

Cancellations and reschedules with less than 24 hours notice will require a $10 service charge for haircut services or a service charge of 30% of service costs in the event of a COLOR service - which will include other requested services (i.e. requesting a color AND a cut in booking information).

We understand that some situations are unavoidable, and we will consider those situations individually. Please contact us at 317.721.8342.


The Reasoning and Necessity:

The Foxhole we know is a shop based on mutual respect and personalized service. 

We’ve seen increases in the number of clients visiting us each month - which has led to full bookings most days of the week, sometimes weeks in advance. It’s made our stylists’ time very valuable, and “no shows” more hurtful to our business. In a business the size of The Foxhole, those losses are debilitating in the short term and potentially disastrous over the long term.

Growth requires structure and we hope you will support us moving forward. We’ve taken time to research different salons’ models to formulate this cancellation and missed appointment policy. We have crafted something that we feel is fair to both our business and our clients.